Sewer Rant is a lifestyle and self help blog, sharing Christian Foremost's personal stories of growth and advice on mental health to inspire you to love yourself.

Dump your worries right here!

Hi, I'm Christian Foremost

I'm a 22-year old Filipino Blogger/ Writer who keeps a sissy diary to keep my sanity in check.

And guess what? I'm your new gay best friend. Yay!


I was in the closet for a long time. I was so scared of people finding out that I never talked. People used to think I was mute, but I wasn't. I just kept my thoughts inside my head.

It was through writing that I found my voice and had an outlet to let my thoughts flow through. Slowly, I was able to step myself outside of the closet and into a new world.

Now, I'm ready for everyone to hear my voice and tackle life head on.

Come with me!


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SEWER RANT: Dump your worries here