Sewer Rant is everybody's personal blog and
online journal where people from different walks
of life can share their stories or speak their truth.

We are all struggling through something right
now. Writing is a very helpful tool to channel those
emotions and create something remarkable.

Sewer Rant has an online community of aspiring
writers and bloggers willing to share their talent,
wisdom and experiences to inspire others to
believe in themselves.

About Christian Foremost

Creator of Sewer Rant

Christian Foremost is a Filipino Blogger/Writer who still writes in a diary to keep his sanity in check. 

"By regularly decluttering your head, you'll be able see things more clearly and have some pretty relevant realizations." 

Christian started his blogging journey with Sewer Rant, but

recently decided to open his platform to aspiring writers who want to write about themselves or whatever they want. 

Christian writes his genuine thoughts openly around topics such as Lifestyle, Mental Health, Travel, and Dating. He also creates fictional pieces and performs some spoken word stints. 

To read more about his work you can visit his personal blog at

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