• Juseph Elas

2020 And We Are All Dreaming Of An Alternative Society

I've often wondered what it would look like to live in a society and world where everything exists cohesively; no crab-mentality, no corruption, and no political acrobatics jeopardising the common good. I think it would be far from a sci-fi dystopian condition depicted in The Handmaid's Tale where women are oppressed and sexually abused; stripped off of their individual rights and sold to be owned by a religious oligarch. It would be far from the posh, lavish, vitriolic reality in the Hunger Games or Divergent where people are subjected to unbelievable cruelty which is reminiscent of the Gladiator era.

No. When I think of that alternative society, I think of socialism serving the better good and common interest of the working class, supported by the Government who believes the combination of just democracy and socialism are the formulae to attain equilibrium in a volatile society. It would be a society where individualism has passed the point of powering an economy. I concede we can still be sectarian and have religious freedoms and rights to free speech, but it would power educational discourse rather than powering vanity and divide. It would be a society where political acrobatics are used to address social issues and ramp up actions towards social cohesion.

There will be equal representation between men and women where disparities in various social pockets cease to exist. Perhaps, the gap between the two codes of genders will blur; patriarchy will bow down humbly to the idea that women are not submissive and weak. It would be an ideal society where women will have equal social, political, and economic status with men.

I long to be free from a society which holds people of colour lower than their paper-white counterparts. Psychologist Jane Elliot said, God created the human race; humans created racism. The truth behind her words is startling for its apparent obviousness, slapping the truth on our faces at point-blank. The idea of apartheid has long been debated, fought upon, and has costed so many lives in history and yet Black Lives Matter movement continue to cry on our streets demanding acceptance if not equality. I dream of a society free from prejudices and discrimination where people chant in unison "free at last, free at last! Thank God Almighty, we're free at last!"

When these pains and heartbreaks caused by a dysfunctional society are over, when all the sins of the past are long gone, forgotten and forgiven, we could all subscribe to the idea and come to embrace humanity at its basic nature. Maybe, just maybe, in an alternative society.




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