Christian Foremost, Blogger/Writer

I'm Christian Foremost, a 22-year old Blogger/ Writer from the Philippines.

I mostly write about personal stories of growth and advice on mental health to inspire others to love themselves and tackle life head on.

Aside from writing, I also love traveling, listening to music, watching series, working out, hanging out with friends, trying out new things and just constantly challenging myself.

Life is so full of possibilities and we can do anything if we put our hearts in it!

Who am I?

I mean, do we ever really know who we are? If our purpose in life is what define us as people, what was mine?

As a kid, I vividly remember asking myself these questions over and over again. If I just had the answer, I wouldn't be so confused. I'd finally know what the hell I was doing with my life, right? But all throughout schooling until I landed my marketing job, I mostly coasted through life never really having a dream or a vision for the future.

What's my story?

What an identity crisis, right? But another interesting fact is I'm gay. And for a really long time, I was in the closet. The paranoia of constantly fearing what people would say if they found out, made me guard my every action and block every word that could had come out of my mouth. I spoke very little and acted only in accordance to what was expected of me. People thought I was shy and even mute. But in reality, I only kept my mouth sealed tight to prevent any of my thoughts from getting out of my head.

My mind was a world of its own, and my thoughts were monsters I was deeply afraid of. No matter how fast I ran or where I went, I could never really get away. I was alone in this world and no one could save me because they didn't know I was in pain.

Writing gave the quiet boy a voice louder than the ones in his head. Writing was first a way to escape my monsters, and through time, became a weapon for me to vanquish them as they come. Writing allowed me to process my thoughts and feelings towards seeing better outcomes. It gave me strength and the courage to slowly come out of the closet and into a new world.

What's my purpose?

Words are powerful and our lives and experiences are stories that are worth telling. I don't have a degree in writing. I'm not a mental health expert, a celebrity or an extraordinary guy. I just want to write. I want to write, more than I want money. I want to write about what I want in a place where it is safe to express your feelings and thoughts openly.

Sharing honest and genuine stories from the heart could provide comfort to other people who may be experiencing what you've been through. If my voice could be heard by people like me, maybe they can understand that they aren't all alone in the world. We have the power within ourselves to take charge of our life and fulfill our dreams if we believed in ourselves enough.

Fast-forward to this present day where the dreams I had before, is the reality I'm living now. I may not be rich or famous, nor have I achieved all of my goals for the future, but I am fulfilling my purpose in some way. I am chasing my passion even when I know that I might not be a good writer. That's alright because I will get better. I'm so young and there is just so much more growing and learning to do. Life has so many things in store and I'm just full of excitement to experience all of them. It's still a long way to go from here, and I hope you guys will continue to join me on this wild ride.

What's next?

I'm going to tell my whole life story here in this blog, from my weekly mental breakdowns, to my pointless affirmations and my seemingly uncultured taste in art, food, shows and music. Every week is a chance to to show up for myself and also you guys, This is also my way of just continuing to do what I love, no matter how terribly insane the world is getting.

I hope that I could help people as much as this blog has helped me. We're not perfect and we have a ton more things to figure out. For now, let's just take things one at a time and enjoy life as much as we can, alright?

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Christian Foremost is your supportive gay best friend who wants you to be your best self!

Sewer Rant is a lifestyle and self help blog, sharing Christian's personal stories of growth and advice on mental health to inspire you to love yourself.

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