Eve Alai and Senara release another brand new single together: ‘For Life’

“Melancholic nu disco meet nu garage vibes lay over a modern house groove, with sultry pop vocal top lines and stabs reigning through. Think of a slowed down two-step remix of a vocal banger from the early two-thousands, this Asian collaboration has done a bit of digging around to carve their sound.” - Mixmag Asia

FRIDAY 2 OCTOBER - Singapore producer-songwriter Eve Alai collaborates with Sri Lankan pop artist Senara again on his brand new single ‘For Life’. The second single of his upcoming debut EP, For Life features Eve Alai’s signature blend of deep house and nu disco influences with relatable lyrics carried by Senara’s undeniable voice.

For Life was inspired by the sets of deep house played at nightclubs in Eve Alai’s native Colombo. “The song is catered for the dancefloor. This is what nightlife sounds like in my head. I want my song to move people physically, from a head bop to a full on shuffle”, declares the underrated producer.

Eve Alai’s previous release, “Pills and Potions,” also with Senara, has already been featured on Mixmag Asia and the cover of Fresh &. His debut EP is scheduled to drop in early 2021 via Singapore indie label Umami Records.

Listen to For Life via Umami Records:


About Eve Alai

Singapore based electronic producer-songwriter Eve Alai makes dance music fused with timeless melodies, designed to give listeners a sonic experience that will move them emotionally and physically. Eve Alai’s sound is the sound of summer - parties, road trips with friends, and the beach.

Originally from Sri Lanka, Eve Alai completed his degree in music at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. His 6-track debut EP will be released in early 2021

About Senara

Sri Lankan based singer/songwriter Senara, who was born and raised in Dubai, enjoys working with a variety of genres such as pop and edm. Her sassy but smooth vocals allow listeners to experience her music physically and emotionally.

Senara has enrolled herself to pursue her law degree in the UK as she continues her passion for music alongside. She is currently working on more original tracks and continues to perform and post covers on her social media platform.

About Umami Records

Umami Records is a Singapore-based indie record label founded in 2013. Much like the “5th taste” reputation of its namesake, the label strongly believes in discovering new, interesting sounds that run underground and away from the mainstream. The label’s tight-knit, curated roster includes releases from Linying, The Steve McQueens, brb., Evanturetime, CampFire, Martin Baltser, Phoria, Oriental Cravings, and more.

UmamiRecords.sg · Instagram · Facebook · Twitter · YouTube




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