Time to Say Goodbye - Quitting My 7 Favorite Fast Foods

I'm sorry, but it's time to let go. It's time to say "Goodbye" and turn away. I've known this for a long while, but now I have to admit that you aren't good for me. I craved for you. I wanted you and you tasted so good. But now, I feel sick. You hold me back and you've never been healthy for me.

Everyday, I Had You. Only You..

I've grown accustomed to eating fast food everyday, during lunch breaks at work and when I head out during weekends. Even when I work out at the gym early during mornings, a fast food restaurant is where I'll go next because I was just so hungry and it was right there.

My budget is usually Php. 100-200.00 a meal and I typically like anything that will get me full. That's it actually. I've kind of have an appetite and it may be because I mostly eat only twice a day or because my body needs the energy when I do weights in the gym. We don't really cook at home, and we have to admit that buying healthy food costs more. So instead of worrying about that, I just eat in fast food restos because it's easier and well, cheaper.

You Aren't Good for Me, I Know That

Aside from the obvious fact that this is highly unhealthy, I've also grown tired and unsatisfied of what I've been eating. Everything is fried, served in small portions and kind of sad. I didn't even seem to notice how a big chunk of my money is being eaten up by fast food restos. This is definitely not good anymore. It's time to stop, to finally cut it out!

I'm Thankful for the Memories, but I Have to Let you Go

For every fast food restaurant I go to, I have my favorite meal that I order when I visit every time. And today, I will be listing my top 7 favorite meals from my 7 favorite fast food chains in Metro Manila. Is it okay to just sort of take one last look at each of them before I chose to say goodbye and turn away? I love these foods and the fast food restaurants, but I need to stop eating them everyday. That's just too much. Right?

7. Mcdo Chicken Fillet Ala King

Goodbye Mcdo's Crispy Chicken Fillet with Ala King Sauce served with rice and a side of fries! You were there during the times when I was flat out broke during the last few days before the next pay day. Farewell.

6. BonChon Crispy Mandu and Kimchi Rice

Goodbye BonChon Kimchi Rice topped with Spicy Crispy Mandu. I love spicy food and you gave me just the level of hotness I needed. Farewell.

3. Jollibee One Piece Chickenjoy with Macaroni Soup

Goodbye Jollibee One Piece Chickenjoy served with rice, sided by creamy macaroni soup. ChickenJoy, I'll always love you, you know that right? How can I be a Filipino if I don't? This is so painful, but something I have to do. Farewell.

4. KFC Ala King Zinger Steak

Goodbye KFC Zinger Fried Chicken Steak topped with Ala King sauce served with buttered corn and buttered rice. You were such a treat and I instantly fell in love. I wish I could eat you forever, but I have to stop this now. Farewell.

5. Chowking Sweet and Sour Pork Lauriat

Goodbye Chowking's Chinese sweet and sour pork, egg rice, pancit canton, buchi and Chicharap. I even add on wonton soup because I just want to eat, eat and eat. This was quite a feast, but I could devour it in just a couple of minutes. I'm a monster, don't you see that? Farewell.

6. Wendy's Two Piece Salisbury Steak, Bacon and Cheese Baked potato and Signature Iced Tea

Goodbye to Wendy's 2 piece Salisbury steak, served with rice and sided with a baked potato topped with melted cheese and bits of crispy bacon. I will not dare to forget about your Signature Calamansi Iced Tea that is the clear winner among the rest. You guys made me feel safe. You made me feel at home. But, I'm too comfortable and that is dangerous. Farewell.

7. Tokyo Tokyo Chicken Karaage Half

Goodbye to Tokyo Tokyo's Chicken Karaage served with Japanese rice and buttered carrots and cabbage. Did you know that you were enough? You made me feel full and I didn't feel the need to ask for more. I just feel like I depend on you too much and I can't have that. Farewell.

This is not about you guys. This is about me. I personally, have to get rid of the habit I've developed over the past year because it is hurting me already. This is Goodbye. It's been a great run and don't think that because I'm leaving, I didn't care for you at all. I loved you and I thank you for the memories and how you're there when I needed you. Things just have to change and I have to choose what's good for me and this is it. *cries hysterically*

Bow. Curtain Close. How Did You Like the Show?

Sorry for being over dramatic. It's a fun way of coping. Anyways, I'm pretty basic when it comes to food. I do not posses a refined pallete to recommend something that will taste good for other people. You've probably ordered most of the meals from this list already, but you're welcome to try the others if you haven't yet. It may be a surprise that you'll actually like them!

This blog post may be confusing, but I'm not discouraging anyone from eating fast food. Of course you can if you want to. I mean, it's delicious and enjoyable. We can still eat anything we want at fast food chains or wherever we want. We just have to practice moderation and I guess, be less dependent on them for sustenance?

It is important to feed yourself properly and I may have just been busy with everything that I am trying to do that eating fast food became an easy solution to a basic human need. But, we have to take care of ourselves physically as well to keep us alive and well enough to continue moving. So as I stop eating fast food as often as possible, I will try to give more effort and think of more creative ways to eat healthier and save money.

Guys, if you have any tips or recommendation on how, please share them with me! I have zero clue. Thank you! Hahaha.

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