Rating Starbucks' Secret Menu Ft. Stojo Collapsible Cups

It's always exciting to try new things. Spice up your life once in a while and step out of your comfort-zone. You might just find something you'll like. For this week's blog, we're going to be rating a few of Starbucks' Secret Menu items featuring my new favorite thing in the whole wide world, Stojo collapsible cups!

I saw the Starbucks' Secret Menu items from a viral post in Facebook, that my Starbucks Barista friend, Mica recommended me to check out. Full credits to the post owner Rhadson Mendoza and his barista friend @PatingkerBell and @VargasBrad for letting us in on the secret. This is not a sponsored content, not by Starbucks or Stojo. I just wanted to make my weekend visits to the coffee shops to be extra fun and share my exciting experience with you guys.

Our Stojo Cup is 16 oz, or "Grande" in the Starbucks' vocabulary. We included the complete order names of the drinks and their equivalent prices at the counter. Note that personalized drinks are more expensive than normal menu items because they charge separately for the add-ons.

No time to waste. Nobody wants to be kept waiting for their coffee, am I right? Here are my 7 Best Drinks from Starbucks' Secret Menu based on my taste and overall drinking experience.

7. Black Pink - Iced Caramel Macchiato, Replace Vanilla Syrup with Raspberry Syrup

Price: Php. 175

This was my least favorite out of all of the items that I've tried. Make sure to mix your drink first. I was weirded out by the first sip, but after a while you'll get used to the taste. Maybe, I just wasn't a fan of fruits in my coffee and it didn't have much of a kick.

6. Two-two - Classic Iced Chocolate, Replace Vanilla Syrup with White Chocolate Mocha

Price: Php. 180

This is a very simple drink that I would recommend for chocolate lovers out there. Tell them to mix in the whipped cream for a creamier taste. PatingkerBell and VargasBrad mentioned how this tastes similarly to Chuckie, but I honestly don't think so. I wasn't much of a fan of the drink primarily because I want my chocolate dark. I'd also always choose coffee over any other drink. It is still worth a try though!

5. Dark Chocolate Mocha Frappucino, Add Menthe or Minth Syrup

Price: Php. 210

I decided to get one of my all-time favorite drinks from my Top 7 Coffee Recommendations to Get Your Work-Mode On blog, and follow PatingkerBell and VargasBrad's recommendation of adding Menthe or Mint Syrup. I also had them blend the whipped cream into the drink already.

This truly leveled up the dark chocolate experience and left me savoring the cool feeling after every sip. You could also ask for them to add Menthe on the Java Chip Frappuccino or any of your favorite mocha drink.

4. Oreo Frappuccino - White Chocolate Mocha Cream Frappuccino, Add Chocolate Chips

Price: Php. 210

This was a sweet, sweet treat and my inner kid was brought out just from the first sip. I truly recommend this as a dessert coffee drink. But if you don't have much of a sweet tooth, you might not be able to finish it. More for the kids at heart then!

3. Marbleized Green Tea Frappe - Green Tea Frappuccino, Add Strawberry Sauce

Price: Php. 200

I did not know how matcha and strawberry went so well together! I truly recommend this for all matcha lovers out there who want to see a whole different side of green tea. This wasn't as sweet and hit you just right. I just hoped it had enough caffeine to keep me awake though.

2. Iced Shaken Black Tea, Add White Chocolate Mocha and Splash of Breve

Price: Php. 165

I wasn't expecting much, but this truly was surprised me. If you're craving for milk tea in a Starbucks, this might just be what you need. I couldn't compare the taste or feel of this drink though to any of the dozens of milk tea shops around Metro Manila. The barista I ordered this from told me that this was his favorite drink and to add a splash of breve to lessen the sweetness. I may always choose coffee over tea, but this drink is something that I will definitely order again and again.

1. Barista Drink - Iced White Americano, No Water and a Splash of Breve

Price: Php. 175

Now, it wasn't my first time trying this drink, but this has to be my favorite secret menu item from Starbucks. Ordering this drinks means serious business and you're for sure to get whatever job you had planned, done. This coffee may be super strong, but I don't find it to bitter at all.

One sip and you're ready to go and since I do most of my writing and blog work on coffee shops, I need a full tank of fuel to run this engine. This drink gives you a certain buzz, that will open your eyes up wide and put you in a working frenzy. You might not want to order this as often or if you're in the shop with friends just chilling or catching up. Order this only during certain visits when you really need to focus and get serious.

Go Ahead, Give Them a Try!

A simple twist to a usual drink would give you a whole other experience. Be open to experimentation and make your own discoveries. Why not give any of these drinks a try the next time you visit a Starbucks? Remember to read the complete order name of the drink though so that the friendly baristas will know exactly what you're ordering. If you have trouble, try practicing saying over the order over and over in your head before facing the counter. Then, say it confidently with a smile or you could also just read it from this blog. Our cutie Starbucks barsita, Mica approves. Enjoy guys!

Use Stojo Collapsible Cups!

You could also bring your own reusable tumbler with you and just hand it over in the counter after you pay. I would really recommend Stojo, especially for those who are habitual coffee shop visitors. It's portable, convenient and has a very sleek design. It works for both hot and cold drinks and it even has its own foldable straw. It's super handy. You can just pop it up when you're getting your drink and when you're done, you can fold it up and put it back in your bag. It doesn't take much space at all. You can just wash it whenever you get home and put it back in your bag to use again.

By bringing your own cup or reusing your tumbler, you can save up to 500 single-use plastic or paper cups from being thrown every year. Let's reduce our waste in any way we can. It's all about the little changes we make in our routine that have big impacts on the long run. I ordered my Stojo cup from Lazada and if you want your own, you can buy from this link.

Don't be afraid to explore and shake things up, you might just find your next favorite thing. I hope you enjoyed my list and let me know what you think. Do you agree or disagree with my ratings. Thanks everyone. Coffee time!

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