Sagada Travel Stories: A Perfect Weekend with Old Friends

SAGAnDA, Ganda Ganda Talaga! (Sagada Travel Blog)

Our trip to Sagada was a long-awaited get-away from the boring lives we now lead as adults. So after actually getting past the seemingly inescapable "drawing" phase, we finally booked a 3 day 2 night trip to Sagada for the end of September last 2018.

It can't exactly fit one blog entry so I cut into 4 Travel Stories for your reading pleasure:

Typhoon Ompong: Will we ever get to Sagada alive?Typhoon's Devastation, Meet up Place, 10-hour road trip through hell

Day 1: Cave Walk ain't no Cake Walk

Banaue Rice Terraces, A7 Transient House, Sumaguing Cave

Day 2: Have no Fear, Cliff's Too Near

Mt. Kiltepan: Sea of Clouds, Pongas Falls, City Tour and Hanging Coffins

Day 3: Grave Choices and Cute Consequences

Marlboro Hills: 360 view of the Sea of Clouds, Blue Soil, SAVE ME! I'M A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS, Going Back Home to Manila

Some story right? (If you actually read the entire thing, you're a champ. If you didn't, I agree with you. It's too long.)

It was a risk that we pushed through with our trip, given all of my friends' worries from the news about Typhoon Ompong's massive devastation particularly on the North.

We were so lucky and blessed that nothing bad happened during our trip and we could continue on our separate ways back into our boring old lives.

We wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for our driver Kuya Ryan and our local tour guides like Kuya Alladen who paid close attention to our safety all throughout the trip. I would like to thank Travelsure Travel and Tours for not only giving us our money's worth but also being endlessly patient and accommodating to all of our inquiries. I already have another trip booked with them this month and plans for more.

Sagada is perfect and it is so much more than you can ever imagine.

My friends and I were so lucky to have experienced all of Sagada. The long months of not seeing each other didn't matter because we fell back into each other's arms, our friendship proving to be unbreakable.

Everybody was so open and thirsty for adventure. When we got to Sagada, there wasn't any doubt or fear. All of us rose up to every challenge, doing things we didn't think we were physically capable of.

Aside from being exhausted, there was nothing but smiles and endless laughter.

It's that certain kind of euphoria you feel when everything is right in the world. You're with the right people, right place and right time. And if this may have been the last time we've traveled together complete as a group, I would still be at peace. We got a taste of paradise and we have something we will always share forever.

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