Manila, Philippines — With the COVID-19 pandemic leaving the country in panic, Jägermeister wants to deliver a hopeful message for everyone struggling in quarantine, through online projects following the hashtag #SAVETHENIGHT

Music as a form of escape and to keep us grounded, these online performances will give us hope and strength to move forward. The campaign will also help with the funding of the nightlife industry that went into brief hiatus to help stop the spread of the virus— donating 1 million euros to bar owners and staff, bartenders, DJs, and musicians, and other artists worldwide.

First to perform live via Facebook and Instagram simultaneously, from Jägermeister’s very own is five-piece female-fronted metal band Saydie (Kat Taylor, Karl Kliatchko, Lehmann Flores, Marvin Montero, and Mark Garchitorena), famous for their songs “Krolithika”, “Cage”, and “Yokai”.

SAYDIE is best known for pioneering female-fronted metal in the Philippines, with their debut self-titled album being one of the first releases to showcase a unique take on the genre in the local music scene of their home country. This album started what would become a fan base known for its rabid devotion – “Saydiestas.”

Saydie says, “We’re really excited to do this, we can’t wait to put our music out there again. It’s an honor to be part of Jägermeister’s campaign, to be able to give hope through music and to be able to inspire everyone to move forward. We are so much bigger than what we are all going through right now. It might be chaos out there, but with music, it’s controlled.”


In the 2010s, Saydie evolved its sound from the raw, aggressive stylings of their self-titled album to a more polished modern metal style, which would reflect on their second album under MCA Universal, Belita, Like its predecessor, Belita won the band a larger following, all the while satiating the existing fanbase with its focused and powerful sound.

Saydie's stylistic evolution continues through their post-Belita releases, with their latest singles "Yokai" and "Cage" featuring new sonic elements not present in previous releases, resulting in a heavier, more aggressive sound that resonates with new and existing fans alike.

Over time and countless performances on various stages and festivals both in the Philippines and abroad, Saydie has earned a reputation for its intense live show – one with an uncanny ability to fit on both polished mainstream stages as well as the wild underground. Among several others, Saydie has notably performed at Manila X Festival, Rakrakan Festival, UP Fair, Diamond Motors Final Round, Red Horse Muziklaban, and the Derby, Long Beach, and the Whisky A Go Go in California.

Happening on June 28, 2020, at 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM, you can catch the first full-band performance post-lockdown on Instagram: @officialsaydie and on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/saydieofficial

Stay in the loop for future performances from Jägermeister’s other partner artists in the Philippines.

For Saydie updates:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saydieofficial

Instagram: @officialsaydie

Twitter: @OfficialSaydie

For Jägermeister updates:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JagermeisterPhilippines

Instagram: @jagermeister_ph

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