SINDAK 1941, a Historical Filipino Musical by the Philippine Stagers Foundation

SINDAK 1941 is a brand new original Filipino musical, telling the story of Filipinos' resilience during the terrors of the Japanese occupation. As a historical fiction, the play will highlight one of the darkest eras in Philippine history focusing on the lives of ordinary Filipino people as chaos strikes from every corner.

An Educational Musical for Filipino Students!

There's fewer records of the Japanese regime in the Philippines in our school's text books unlike those of the American's and the Spaniard's. There were key events during World War 2 that weren't as emphasized, especially with today's trend of Filipino historical film adaptations. There was bloodshed and a large number of unsung heroes we were never taught of, who were part of the fight for freedom. SINDAK 1941 will show you how it was like to live in fear in a country under Japanese invasion and rise above the crumbling ruins of your surroundings.

The Philippine Stagers Foundation aims to use theater arts not just as a form of entertainment, but as a medium of education for the younger generation. In the Millennial and Gen. Z age where technology has allowed us the ability to multi-task, it is harder to retain audience's attention. We are all easily distracted due to our very short attention spans. Given this reality, SINDAK 1941's producer, writer, director and lead star: Vince Tanada chose to tell this particular story through songs and choreographed dances to capture your attention and lead you through the entire journey with characters that are larger than life.

Vince Tanada, also known as the Bad Boy of Philippine Theater wishes to change society through the arts by inspiring the younger generation to learn and be more interested about the Philippine's rich culture and history. Through touching their lives, our country would have more heroes ready to fight for it. Vince believes that our country doesn't need more dead heroes. The Philippines need heroes that are alive. And, you can be a hero in whatever field you're in, as long as you're contributing to our society and the fight for our motherland.

Here are some shots of the cast's amazing performance. Slide to the right to see more.

After the press conference, we got to see snippets of the show and we were already taken aback from what we saw. The cast is very talented and you can really see the panic and fear and in each of their eyes. The story, the dialogue, the songs, the choreography and even the costumes were just really well done. You can honestly say the each one of them worked hard in rehearsals to truly be ready to perform this play amazingly as it deserves. SINDAK 19041 will truly deliver the shock value it is promising and I am so excited for all of you guys to see it too!

SINDAK 1941 will start running on July 11, 2019 in SM North EDSA. You can buy tickets in the venue itself. Stay tuned for the schedule of their upcoming shows by liking their Facebook Page and following them in Instagram.

The show will continue to run for 9 months until March 2020 touring the whole Philippines from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao catering to all kind of Filipino audience. Let's support the Philippine theater by coming to watch the show.

photo credits to Vian Tayag

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