Singapore Hip-hop Producer Wovensound Drops Brand New Single “Sickleberry Sunsets”

FRIDAY 18 SEPTEMBER - Singapore hip-hop producer Wovensound has released his new single “Sickleberry Sunsets” via indie label Umami Records.

With its exquisite fusion of lo-fi, jazz, and hip-hop, Wovensound’s latest jam exudes a feel-good summer road trip vibe while leaning towards a classic, stylistic lineage in terms of production and overall sound.

According to the underrated producer, the song was recorded during the lockdown period in Singapore, with no access to the studio. He collaborates extensively and roped in 4 artists from Singapore on this track, including rappers Ihasamic!, SHAK, Andrew Marko, and singer Raina Sum. “I just love how this song takes different turns throughout its different sections, with each artist bringing their own flavour to the table and bouncing off each other,” Wovensound shares.

Lyrically, “Sickleberry Sunsets” doesn’t adhere to bland compromises. It’s a slickly produced hip-hop anthem that tackles two sides of a familiar persona. “In the song, there are two stories playing simultaneously: a cynic's struggle with staying optimistic as a realist, and an optimist's struggle of dealing with a loss of innocence and ignorance”, shares Wovensound. “I was in a very Nujabes mood when creating the track. The horns at the end is me paying some tribute to an artist I love dearly.”

“Sickleberry Sunsets” is the lead single of Wovensound’s 6-track debut EP Vertigos Fulfilled, dropping in June 2021.

Listen to Sickleberry Sunsets via Umami Records:

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About Wovensound

Singapore hip-hop producer Wovensound weaves his love for music with other artists, collaborating extensively and producing something unique every time.

Wovensound AKA Vinod Dass is also a veteran of Singapore’s underground metal scene, playing guitar in various bands including Truth Be Known and Mucus Mortuary. He decided to establish this moniker in order to pay tribute to his love for other forms of music, mainly hip hop and rap.

Wovensound’s 6-track debut EP Vertigos Fulfilled drops in June 2021.

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About Umami Records

Umami Records is a Singapore-based indie record label founded in 2013. Much like the “5th taste” reputation of its namesake, the label strongly believes in discovering new, interesting sounds that run underground and away from the mainstream. The label’s tight-knit, curated roster includes releases from Linying, The Steve McQueens, brb., Evanturetime, CampFire, Martin Baltser, Phoria, Oriental Cravings, and more. · Instagram · Facebook · Twitter · YouTube

Exclusive Interview: Wovensound on his latest track “Sickleberry Sunsets”

Singapore hip-hop producer Wovensound has finally dropped his new single “Sickleberry Sunsets”-- out on September 18, Friday via Umami Records. It’s the first single off his upcoming debut EP, Vertigos Fulfilled, and features guest verses from rappers Ihasamic!, SHAK, Andrew Marko, and singer Raina Sum.

The young musician shares exclusive details about his latest tune, musical process, and creative whereabouts during the pandemic.

You’re a veteran of the Singapore metal scene! How did Wovensound come about?

>I played guitar in numerous metal bands over a 10 year period. One of the bands I was in (Mucus Mortuary) was picked up to do a series by Rice Media, in which we collaborated with an ASMR artist for a show. In the production of that series I linked up with Ihasamic!, who I then started collaborating with when I delved into hip hop in early 2020. We had chemistry and that was how this song and the EP was born.

What’s your musical process like?

>Most of the time it would start with just sitting down and going through sounds, I would go through hundreds of sounds and find the best ones that inspire me, then I would take them and resample them into something I can build drums and bass around. Basically fleshing out the vibe and feel of a sample into a full fledged beat that I can then start looking for artists to bring that vibe to life.

Who are your influences?

>I’ve been really digging J.Cole/ Kenny Beats/ Drake’s production and songs recently. Been a big fan of Brockhampton and Tyler the Creator as well. Nujabes has been a long time favourite of mine.

What are the goals for your music?

>To work with as many inspiring artists locally and overseas that I can, and hopefully the songs we create will inspire people in their own way.

You worked with quite a number of artists on Sickleberry Sunsets, what's the story behind it?

>This song started out as a Lofi beat I made which I kept coming back to, I decided to send it to Ihasamic!, whom I was collaborating with intensively at the time, for some rap verses. He came back with 2 verses and the hook. We then started looking at people to really take the song to the next level. I reached out to SHAK for the chorus, feeling that his voice was a perfect fit for the track. Then we found Andrew Marko, who killed the second verse. From the start we wanted some female vocals on it and through Andrew, we found Raina, who was a perfect fit for the song. All in all, this song was a nice blend of 4 artists bouncing off one another.

You recorded and produced this while Singapore was on lockdown?

>Yeh, we were on lockdown with no access to the studio, so most of it was recorded in our own homes with our own microphones. One was a phone recording in a bomb shelter (I won’t tell you who). So it was a lot of work in post to make everyone shine through in the track, but it was all worth it in the end.

What’s your favourite part of the song?

>The sprinkles of existentialist worries in "I’m not ready to go, yet I've so much to accomplish, what will I amount to, I see no future" on top of the mostly positive lyrics and music.

>I just love how this song takes different turns throughout different sections of the song, with each artist bringing their own flavour to their section.

Any last words?

>Just sit back, relax and vibe out to this track. Let it bring you into a calm, positive state - oddly nostalgic and relaxed. Ride slow to this music.

Listen to Sickleberry Sunsets via Umami Records:




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