Singer-songwriter Acel releases new melancholic single 'Alaala'

Remember the captivating voice that soothed our past heartaches with nostalgic songs we belted to in endless karaoke sessions? Singer-songwriter, advocate of children’s rights, and OPM's iconic sweet voice Acel Bisa van Ommen (now simply known as ACEL) is back with her new single ‘Alaala’ which expresses one’s sadness towards the loss of a relationship while striving to reach acceptance.

In Acel’s 25 years in the music industry, a lot of her milestones have been credited to her voice with some of OPM's most iconic songs like "Torete" and "One Love". And now that she’s back with making more music! She's showcasing her growth as an artist by sharing with us songs that she’s written while still bringing in her distinct tone in singing.

Ever since its release, ‘Alaala’ has received numerous positive feedbacks from her fans who have expressed appreciation in not only Acel’s voice but also her songwriting prowess.

To engage with her fans, Acel also launched an online contest where many fans rendered their own unique take on the song.

Video Compilation:

Winner Announcement:

Check out her latest single ‘Alaala’!


YouTube – Music Video:

YouTube – Lyric Video:

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