Top 7 Coffee Recommendations to Get Your Work-Mode On

I spend so much time in coffee shops every week that they should honestly already be asking me to pay a share of their rent. They're the perfect place for dates, catching up with friends, chilling and for me, getting my work-mode on. With the perfect coffee drink fueling your energy and the pleasantly calming ambiance, you can just freely focus and get stuff done.

What's Your Go-To Drink?

Most people only stick to one-drink every time they order, while I on the other hand will want to try a new drink every time I visit a coffee shop. Curiosity, openness and inclination to newness has led to me immediately agree on a friend's recommendation, order whatever the barista offers on the spot or just see a cute picture of a drink on their menu and pick that one. It might be an overreaction to say that I've ordered everything on their menu, but I definitely say that there are a few choices I've regretted and a few that I was surprised with. Nonetheless, I always finish them as well as whatever work I had planned on accomplishing that visit.

Top 7 Coffee Recommendations to Get Your Work-Mode On

I am in no-way a food blogger and this post is so not sponsored, but it sounded like a great idea to share my Top 7 favorite drinks to help you get into that work-mode or enjoy some sweet time in coffee shops chilling alone or with the company of your friends. No doubt you're gonna take your time with your coffee so you might as well get the "Mmmmmm.. Yes!" experience of that perfect drink.

Top 7: Dark Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks

I seldom order frappes, but this is a drink that will just make you wanna savor every sip. With a strong caffeine kick and the bittersweet taste of dark chocolate and mocha, topped with whipped-cream, you'll be smiling with delight like a happy kid. Don't forget that Chocolate-Dipped Doughnut!

Top 6: Iced Capp from Tim Hortons

Oh Canada. It was super exciting when Tim Hortons came to the Philippines and started to pop-up everywhere since last year. Their Ice Cap coffee drinks may look simple, but they're full of flavor and have that refreshing taste of waking up after a full good-night's sleep. You can also get full by ordering their Chicken Wraps and Potato Wedges! Yum.

Top 5: Iced Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks

Sweet and Simple. You can never go wrong with this drink. I'm sure everybody has tried this already. If you're looking for a safe bet on a day you don't have time to think about what to order because your friend has something really juicy to spill, pick this one. You'll enjoy it along with the drama for sursies!

Top 4: Iced White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks

This is more of a fun option and has a very full and rich sweet flavor. If you have a sweet tooth like me and want to enjoy your drink even when it's watered down from the ice melting because you're spending way too long in the coffee shop and the guard is already looking, this is a good choice for you!

Top 3: Cold White Brew from Bo's Coffee

This is a gem and it's definitely worth to be considered as a stand out. They only serve this in a regular-sized cup though, but it looks very Instagram worthy. Look at that mesmerizing swirls of milk! When you're done taking countless pictures and then, decide to not upload it in your IG story last minute, you can mix your drink, and take a sip. It will really hit that sweet sweet spot of yours.

Top 2: Coffee IndoChine from Coffee Project

Out of the many coffee shops I visit on a regular basis, Coffee Project is definitely my favorite. It has a very nostalgic ambiance and is really built for people to just focus on work. They have their outlets for charging and even shared tables! I think I actually spend so much time here, longer than a normal working shift in my desk-job.

Café Indochine is one of their best-sellers for iced coffee and I instantly fell in love with it after my first sip. It's very heavy, but filled with so much rich texture that you'll enjoy with every sip. You'll be energized and get into that productive spirit. Pair it with their Blueberry and Cream Cheese Muffin and you got yourself a perfect afternoon treat!

Top 1: Ca Phe Su Da from Coffee Project

Another great drink from Coffee Project and right now, kind of my ultimate favorite. At this point, I have honestly ran out of adjectives to describe drinks (not a food blogger sorry), but I can just say like it's an even better version of the Coffee IndoChine. Try them both, and you may just agree with me on this. This drink is like a number 1 fan, encouraging you to keep going on. You can finish the work you have because even when you feel like giving up, Ca Phe Su Da will cheer you on to victory.

Warning: My Taste May Be Cheap!

It's obvious that I like my coffee sweet, creamy and iced. My choices are definitely not for everyone. You might have your own preference on how you like your coffee, maybe a bit strong and bitter? You might also have a better palate or a more seasoned taste, because I honestly think that mine has been permanently damaged from my addiction to spicy food.

Share your Favorite Coffee Drinks with Me!

Please feel free to share your opinions and tell me what's your favorite coffee drink? Do we have the same favorites? (OMG. Twinsies!) Do you not agree with my choices? Let's talk about it.

Please comment down below if you have other Coffee Drinks or Coffee Shops you want me to try. I will definitely give them a go, that's for sure. Like, isn't it exciting to always try something different and new? I'll try to share with you my non-expert and very biased thoughts on them. Let's be open to new experiences and try everything life has to offer. Fuuuuuun.

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