Why Not Start a Journal? - Quarantine Tips

How are you holding up? We've all been in isolation for quite some time now, and I have to admit that it's an everyday battle for me to stay sane. The new normal is coming and a lot of changes are going to be observed. The outside world will be different and we can't exactly jump back into the life we had before. Honestly, this is just all too much. A lot of us are facing difficulties and challenges, fueling our worries and intensifying our anxieties for the future. How will we adapt? How will we get through this? When will this finally end?

We don't know. Everything is uncertain and confusing. The media is saying one thing and then another. Bad news on top of bad news. And, to think that the whole world is also experiencing this right now, is just terrifying. Before we get buried by overwhelm and lose hope all together, why don't we take a deep breath and check in with ourselves?

Give Journaling a Try!

Journaling or writing on a diary can be a healthy outlet for your thoughts. A journal is a safe place, free of judgement where you can be 100 percent honest with yourself. Writing on a journal is basically having a conversation with yourself. By hearing yourself talk or seeing the words before your eyes, you gain a bit more understanding of yourself and your current situation. Your journal is a friend ready to listen, especially during the times when you feel like nobody would understand.

The magnitude of emotions you're feeling right now and your numerous internal dilemma are all valid, no matter how big or small. Don't hide your feelings or try to contain them all in your head, express them in a healthy manner. Let your thoughts out and begin to process your feelings. You don't have to figure everything out, make sense of the world or come up with answers to all of your problems. You just need to clear your head and free yourself of the mental burden.

Come on. You can do it!

You don't have to be a writer to have a journal. You just need to be willing to open the doors of your mind and then, let your thoughts burst through. Don't think about what you write, but write about what you're thinking. You'll eventually notice how your words are flowing out of your like a river. Journaling releases this tension in your head and allows you to gain that clarity you need to know what you have to do.

Writing your thoughts down on a journal is also very helpful when you want to get to sleep right away. You won't be tossing and turning in your bed for hours anymore. Through writing down on a journal, you've somehow acted on the thoughts in your head so you don't need to contemplate on them further.

I've personally, incorporated journaling during mornings to kind of clear my head so that I'm all focused during work. I also developed a habit of popping open my Journey app, or mobile diary whenever I'm having a mental breakdown or suddenly stuck in a mental funk. These tend to happen a lot, but after a thousand words or two, I'm alright again.

We can get through this!

During quarantine, we're away from friends and are left idle inside our homes so we have a lot of time to overthink. We collect all of these information and let them circle around our heads for days and days. Don't let your fears and worries fester longer than they should. Let you thoughts out of your head and allow yourself to reflect.

We need that sense of peace and convince ourselves that things are going to be better. The reality of our world right now is too much to handle and as scary as things are, we have to keep surviving, physically and mentally. Let yourself help yourself and know that you have the strength within you to get through this. We can get through this.

Want to learn more about Journaling? Read my Journaling: Write Up Your Life and See It Unfold. You can also read about how Journaling saved my life: Dear Diary: A Story of Self-Discovery.

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